Minimal Mistakes, a Jekyll Theme

Minimal Mistakes, a Jekyll Theme

Jekyll is pretty rad and figured releasing a cleaned up version of my site as a theme for others to hack and build on would be fun. So here be that theme — I call it Minimal Mistakes, a responsive Jekyll theme focused on great typography for text heavy sites.


  • Responsive layouts. Looks good on mobile, tablets, and desktop devices.
  • Full compatibility with GitHub Pages.
  • Minimal design.
  • Author sidebar with optional links to social media profiles.
  • Support for large images to call out your favorite posts.
  • Tags for Open Graph and Twitter Cards for a better social sharing experience.
  • Stylesheets for Pygments and Coderay syntax highlighting.
  • Grunt and Rake tasks for easier site development.
Screenshot of Minimal Mistakes theme

Basic Setup

  1. Install Bundler gem install bundler and then install Jekyll and all dependencies bundle install.
  2. Fork the Minimal Mistakes repo.
  3. Clone the repo you just forked and rename it.
  4. Edit _config.yml to personalize your site.
  5. Check out the sample posts in _posts to see examples for pulling in large feature images, assigning categories and tags, and other YAML data.

ProTip: Delete the gh-pages branch after cloning and start fresh by branching off master. There is a bunch of garbage in gh-pages used for the theme’s demo site that I’m guessing you don’t want on your site.

More Theme Setup Goodness

To learn more about how customize this theme, include feature images in posts, use the Grunt build scripts, and some other junk, read up here.


Having a problem getting something to work or want to know why I setup something in a certain way? Ping me on Twitter @mmistakes or file a GitHub issue. And if you make something cool with this theme feel free to let me know.


This theme is free and open source software, distributed under the GNU General Public License. So feel free to use it on your site without linking back to me or including a disclaimer.