So Simple, a Jekyll Theme

So Simple Theme

After having so much fun creating and releasing my first open source Jekyll theme, I figured I’d go at it again. So here be the fruit of that effort — I call it So Simple Theme, a responsive Jekyll theme for words and photos.

So Simple Theme features:

  • Responsive layouts. Looks good on mobile, tablets, and desktop devices.
  • Full compatibility with GitHub Pages.
  • Minimal embellishments and subtle animations.
  • Support for large images to call out your favorite posts.
  • Optional Disqus comments.
  • Tags for Open Graph and Twitter Cards for a better social sharing experience.
  • Search script.
  • Support for Pygments and Coderay syntax highlighting to make your code examples look snazzy.
  • Grunt tasks for easier site development.
Screenshot of So Simple Theme

Getting started

  1. Install Jekyll if you haven’t already.
  2. Fork the So Simple Theme repo
  3. Make it your own and customize, customize, customize.
Demo the Theme

Like this theme? I just released my third theme for Jekyll, with a sweet animated drop down menu, social sharing plugins, and a Grunt build script for theme development. I’m calling it HPSTR and you can learn more about it here.

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