Why do you share your drawings on Paper for anyone to download?

My way of giving back to the Paper community is by putting my drawings, sketches, and tutorials up on Mix Paper. I feel that the best way to grow is by examining other’s work in detail to learn from it.

The idea that someone is going to download my work from Paper and deface it or pass it off as their own doesn’t really bother me. Paper is a fun diversion for me and I try not to take it as serious as some may.

If you haven’t yet discovered Paper’s social aspects, I wrote up a crash course on the service and how I like to use it.

FiftyThree Has Shut Down the Public Stream / Mix

As of August 15th, 2017 the Public Stream is no longer in service. Any links out to mix.fiftythree.com or paper.fiftythree.com will cease to work.