Which stylus do you recommend for iPad drawing?

Long story short, if you have an iPad Pro do yourself a favor and get an Apple Pencil. If you have an older (or non-Pro) model below are all the “dumb” styli I’ve had experience with.

StylusQuick Impressions
Apple PencilBest stylus I’ve used hands down. Paired with an iPad Pro it’s the closest thing to drawing on paper I’ve experienced.
Pencil by FiftyThreeSuper reliable, well designed, and long battery life. Tips have a tendency to tare quickly, but they’re replaceable so its not the end of the world.
Ten One Design Pogo ConnectConnectivity issues and hardware flaws were maddening to deal with. If you ignore both of those problems apps having pressure sensitive support performed well.
LunaTik Alloy Touch PenMy trusted sidekick for a long long time. Tip (not replaceable) took some serious abuse and kept on licking. Has a refillable roller ball pen if you need a traditional writing instrument.
Just-Mobile AluPenLasted me a few months before wearing out. Nice solid construction. Tips aren’t replaceable.
ZEN 3 in 1Precision disc tip dead on arrival so I couldn’t test that. Rubber nib seems well made and slightly smaller than others giving a bit more precision to your draws.
Chalkee Series Kids StylusGood for kids with small hands. Tip isn’t replaceable and wears out quickly.
Universal Touch Screen PenCheap, small, light, and pretty crappy. Comes in a 3 pack that are good as backup styli.

The first iPad stylus I purchased was a Just-Mobile AluPen and used it for quite some time before the rubber tip wore out. Following it I ended up with a LunaTik Alloy Touch Pen after winning one in an art competition.

I really like the Touch Pen because it’s built to last. The tip isn’t a squishy rubber nib like many others and is super durable. I’ve drawn close to 400 portraits with it and it works just as flawless as the day I got it. I’d still be using it if I hadn’t been lured over to the dark-side of Bluetooth styli.

Speaking of Bluetooth styli, prior to Apple Pencil, FiftyThree’s Pencil was my go to when using Paper. Before that, I was all about the Pogo Connect Smart Pen even though it was a piece of crap.