A variety of tools and software are used to build Made Mistakes — the biggies being an 21.5-inch Apple iMac, Jekyll, Sublime Text, and Adobe’s Creative Suite.

I’ve been on a static site generator kick the last couple of years and use Jekyll to publish this page and everything else found on the site. The basic idea is I write a bunch of text in Markdown and Jekyll spits out a set of files1 that I upload to a webserver.

As far as Jekyll plugins, I use the following:

If you’re really interested in the specifics of how the site is built I’ve made its source available on GitHub for anyone to fork and download. And because I’m such a cool dude I’ve also open sourced a couple of Jekyll themes for you to use and abuse — you’re welcome!

Hosting and Other Stuff

  1. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files along with images and other assets needed to render a web page.



I see. But nothing wrong with it? Kind a SEO or indexing issues? Since I don’t need any special control, is it okay to host a website on gh pages? Really appreciate your advice.

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