What tools do you use to build your website?

A variety of tools and software are used to build Made Mistakes — the biggies being an 21.5-inch Apple iMac, Jekyll, Visual Studio Code, Adobe’s Creative Suite, and SourceTree.

I’ve been on a static site generator kick the last couple of years and use Jekyll to publish this page and everything else found on the site. The basic idea is I write a bunch of text in Markdown and Jekyll spits out a set of files1 that I upload to a webserver.

As far as Jekyll plugins, I use the following:

If you’re really interested in the specifics of how the site is built I’ve made its source available on GitHub for anyone to fork and download. And because I’m such a cool dude I’ve also open sourced a couple of Jekyll themes for you to use and abuse — you’re welcome!

Scripts and jQuery plugins

Hosting and other stuff

  1. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files along with images and other assets needed to render a web page. 


Thank you for your articles! I’m really curious: why don’t you use GitHub pages as hosting spot?

I like having the extra control over the server. There are some things you just can’t do when you host with GH Pages.

I see. But nothing wrong with it? Kind a SEO or indexing issues? Since I don’t need any special control, is it okay to host a website on gh pages? Really appreciate your advice.

Anton, you can’t use most Jekyll plugins when you use GH Pages. However, if you’re willing to rig your repository to use Travis CI to build on push, you can configure Travis to deploy to free static hosts like Surge or Amazon S3.

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