Why do you use Paper by FiftyThree?

It’s hard to explain but Paper’s tools feel more natural to me than other iOS sketching apps. An app like Procreate — while full of impressive features simply doesn’t hold the same appeal for me.

Other iPad Drawing Apps

Now that I’m taking drawing and painting on an iPad more seriously I’ve begun testing the waters with some other apps. Procreate is a fairly feature rich mobile application and lends itself to doing Adobe Photoshop equivalent digital painting. Curious to see what I’ve created with it so far? Check out my Procreate gallery of paintings.

I suppose the main reason I enjoy Paper by FiftyThree over the rest is the challenge of capturing realism with it. With other apps it’s fairly trivial to import a photograph and trace over it and fake your way through it — Paper not so much. When creating an illustration in Paper you have to approach it like you would with physical tools and media. I like that.