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I’ve been drawing with traditional tools and materials — on and off for the last 20 years. And drawing with digital tools on iPad, the last 3 years.

20 years seems like a long time to be drawing, but in my case it really isn’t.

  1. There are some crazy gaps in time between draws
  2. I’ve never really be all that serious about my craft. I got my first taste of drawing back in high school when I choose Studio in Art as an elective versus continuing on playing the Trumpet.

After four years of high school art I took the logically step of majoring in both Graphic Design and Illustration at the Rochester Institute of Technology. For several hours a week I had the privilege of drawing and painting live models on large pads of newsprint paper using charcoal, Conté crayons, inks, pencils, and watercolor.

After earning my Bachelor’s degree, drawing took a back seat as I started a career in print and web design. Finding ways to incorporate technology into my life has been a passion of mine ever since playing with the Apple IIe.

I suppose this explains my attraction to design work that relies heavily on technology and computers, compared to the more traditional fine arts.

Drawing with a Pencil stylus by 53 on iPad

It wasn’t until I purchased my first iPad did I become interested in drawing again — after a 10+ year hiatus! For me, the convenience of drawing digitally, on a tablet I can take anywhere, is extremely appealing. Disappearing into a studio to work is not a luxury I can afford these days, especially with two little ones running around the house.

Instead, working digitally I can sit in the same room as my family, sketch/create on iPad, and help keep an eye on the twins. It’s not quite the same experience as working with real pencils, paints, and inks, but apps like Procreate and Paper by WeTransfer are getting closer everyday.

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