La Moustache quick review

Saw another great French film tonight. This one is called La Moustache and starts right off with the protagonist Marc, deciding to shave off his mustache that he’s worn his entire adult life.

Thinking his wife and friends will notice the drastic change, he gets mad when they don’t. At first he thinks his wife is playing an elaborate prank on him but things gradually progress to a state of great disorientation for Marc.

His coworkers deny that he ever had a mustache even though he has photos of him wearing one. His wife tells him his father died the year before, when five minutes earlier she was talking about going to see them for dinner. All kinds of head scratching events occur as you witness Marc’s madness.

The acting and music are all really good. If you want to see a film that you can discuss “what the hell just happened” with your friends, then see this one.