Eyes be damned

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Portrait of Mahalia H. inspired by a photograph on Sktchy. Digitally painted with Procreate on an iPad Air 2.

Looks like the 3.1 update to Procreate improved support for Adobe’s Ink stylus. Whether it was a set of changes to the Jot Touch iOS SDK or Procreate I don’t know, but the stylus seems to register input more reliably with an iPad Air 2.

I’m sure it’s nowhere close to the responsiveness one experiences with Apple’s Pencil1, but for the budget-minded it does the job.

Time lapse video recorded within Procreate.

`youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0q-UBnz6QA

Tools used:

  1. I still haven’t had the opportunity to try an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil yet. I know I know…