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Corn On Macabre record art ⁠— vellum and metallic ink bliss

Published by Michael Rose 1 min read
My favorite thing about this Corn On Macabre 7-inch record is the use of vellum and metallic inks in the sleeve.

Agna Moraine's Autobiography, handwritten record art

Published by Michael Rose 2 min read
I couldn't begin to tell you what the artwork in this emo record means. But silk screening lyrics on fabric scrapes is kind of cool.

Collecting records for the artwork

Published by Michael Rose 1 min read
How the hand crafted aesthetics found in DIY released emo and hardcore records started my collecting addiction.

Knowing grids means breaking grids

Published by Michael Rose 3 min read
Exploring what it means to develop a grid system that helps facilitate strong design with purpose.

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