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How do you glitch images?

Published by Michael Rose 1 min read

To create profile images that look like they’ve been run through a television set with poor reception, I use DECIM8. It’s available as both…

How do you make time-lapse videos of your iPad drawings?

Published by Michael Rose 3 min read
Methods used to capture time-lapse videos of drawing and painting on an iPad, to show an artwork's progression.

What tech do you use?

Published by Michael Rose 3 min read
A list detailing my developer setup, gear, software, and preferred configurations.

Inspiring faces want to know

Published by Michael Rose 1 min read
Finding inspiration from the faces of strangers on Sktchy for iOS.

Starting young

Published by Michael Rose 2 min read
It was only natural the two little rosebuds would become early adopters of technology.

Three years of problems with an iMac G5

Published by Michael Rose 5 min read
Faulty logic boards, ambient sensors, and displays oh my!

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