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Optimizing and automating my Jekyll site build

Published by Michael Rose 24 min read
Lessons learned from building, optimizing, and deploying a huge static site powered by everyone's favorite SSG — Jekyll.

Improving static comments with Jekyll & Staticman

Published by Michael Rose 15 min read
Using Staticman to add threaded comments and reply notifications to a static-based Jekyll site.

Going static part 2: static comments

Published by Michael Rose 19 min read
Integrating a static-based commenting system into Jekyll with the help of Staticman and ditching Disqus in the process.

Paper for iOS quick tip: switching tools

Published by Michael Rose 1 min read
Switching tools in Paper for iOS may seem obvious to you pros out there, but you'd be surprised how often I'm asked how to do it. Here's the answer.

How I'm using Jekyll in 2016

Published by Michael Rose 32 min read
A brain dump documenting my approach to using Jekyll, how that's evolved over the years, and web development learnings I've picked up along the way.

Mastering Pencil by FiftyThree

Published by Michael Rose 20 min read
Learn how to use Pencil by FiftyThree and features like Blend and Surface Pressure to pull off impressive effects in Paper for iOS.

Mastering Paper for iOS: faux layer technique

Published by Michael Rose 4 min read
Discover the faux layer technique and how it can aid in sketching and tracing with Paper for iOS.

Building a style guide with Jekyll

Published by Michael Rose 10 min read
How I used collections with Jekyll to build a style guide and pattern library for Made Mistakes.

Mastering Paper for iOS: drawing outer space

Published by Michael Rose 13 min read
Learn how to draw outer space scenes filled with stars, galaxies, planets, black holes and more with Paper for iOS and a Pencil stylus.

Mastering Paper for iOS: picking and sharing colors

Published by Michael Rose 6 min read
A color picker has been added to Paper! Learn what the new tool does and how to use it.

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