Digital watercolor and pencil portrait of woman with her hair up. She is looking downward and is painted in greens and purples giving off an otherworldly appearance.

Red vs Green

PaperFaces portrait of Ally Cat inspired by a photograph on Sktchy.

I tend to work in landscape mode with Paper by FiftyThree because the tools and interface appear to be more optimized for it. Since the tool tray is always situated in the same location regardless of how you hold the iPad, it can sometimes get in your way or be tricky to hide/reveal. But that’s a tale for another day…

The reference photo I selected from Sktchy doesn’t really work horizontally, so in the best interest of the drawing I flipped the iPad into portrait mode. Sure it won’t be orientated correctly when shared to FiftyThree’s Mix, but that’s a small detail I’m willing to look past…

Continuing on with my time-lapse kick, here’s another video I recorded over several drawing sessions using an iPhone 5s and the Lapse It app. Took me around 3 hours to complete with some subtle blend action going on towards the end. Enjoy!

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Work in process screenshot

Work in process screenshot

Tools used:

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