What’s This About?

What’s This About?

Oh hey — I’m Michael Rose, just another boring, tattooed, time traveling designer working in Buffalo, New York. I’m into drawing portraits of strangers on an iPad using Paper by 53, movie theater popcorn, chicken wings done right, watching dust collect on my record collection, and playing the occasional iOS game.

When I’m not drawing on my iPad, releasing open source Jekyll themes, or building web stuff, I work as an web designer and content admin for a global lab supply company. On any given day I could be developing and designing front-ends, landing pages, email promotions and newsletters, massaging content in and out of a CMS or just getting cozy with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

And if that wasn’t enough — I’m a mediocre husband and father of twin girls.

Everly Autumn drawing Chloe Winter drawing
My 2 little rosebuds drawn with Paper by 53.

So what does this all have to do with made mistakes and why did you name your website that? It vaguely has something to do with that whole happy accident thing, where a mistake can turn out to be something great and unplanned. But to be honest I was just looking for a short, memorable sounding domain name.

In May of 2004 I purchased mademistakes.com, and threw up a Macromedia Flash splash screen (hey remember those?) while I worked on building out my portfolio. For the next couple of years I would experiment with various content management systems (Movable TypeTextpatternWordpressIndexhibit), developing minimalistic themes and learning what I could about HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL databases.

I’ve since decided to abandon using a CMS and utilize black magick and Jekyll to generate flat files for improved performance and security. Building all of the layouts, stylesheets, feeds, and assets from scratch was challenging at first, but the knowledge gained made it all worth it.

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Short messages via Twitter are my preferred contact method. For anything longer feel free to use the form below and I’ll reply by email when I can.

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