I’m Michael Rose and I’ve made mistakes.

I do not enjoy writing about myself.

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Curated writing

Long form writing mostly about web development and design.

Optimizing and automating my Jekyll site build

Lessons learned from building, optimizing, and deploying a huge static site with everyone's favorite SSG — Jekyll.
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Accessing static files in Jekyll

Learn how to use static files with Jekyll to create a gallery of images automatically without a plugin.
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Improving Staticman comments on a Jekyll site

How to use Staticman to add threaded comments and reply notifications to a static-based Jekyll site.
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Mastering Pencil by FiftyThree

Learn how to create impressive effects with 53's Pencil stylus and Paper app, using exclusive features like Blend and Surface Pressure.
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Recently published

Thoughts, inspiration, mistakes, and other minutia.

URLs and links in Jekyll

Before you can link pages and assets together with Jekyll, you need to know how it assigns URLs (or permalinks) to each. If you are a…
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Jekyll’s site.url and baseurl

Jekyll’s site and variables cause a lot of confusion for users. I see it all the time in the Jekyll Talk forum, Stackoverflow, or as bug…
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