Inktober failure

Similar to previous years, I started out with the best of intentions for Inktober and then quickly lose steam…

Girl in sunglasses ink wash portrait

Detail of nose and mouth ink wash portrait

Ink wash and blue masking tape detail

After taking a few days to complete a single ink wash — I was spent. Working digitally has spoiled me to the point that sitting at a desk instead of the sofa, cleaning brushes, and dealing with messes is just too much work to bother with.

I did manage to record a time-lapse video during hour 2 of the painting. Unfortunately I mistakenly put the iPhone 7 Plus in SLO-MO mode by mistake for the first half. Really surprised there was enough free space to record an hour of 1080p video…

1 hour time-lapse condensed down into ~20 seconds.

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October is half over and I suppose there’s still time for me to knock out another portrait or two. If past years are any indication there’s not a good chance of that happening. :neutral_face:

Inktober pieces from the past

Blind contour drawing of a figure in a robe

Grid paper ink sketches of females

Blind contour ink sketch of a nude woman