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Autumn refresh

Using CSS Grid Layout Module to redesign a Jekyll site and further improve performance and accessibility.

Accessing static files in Jekyll

While investigating ways of using static files with Jekyll for a site prototype I was building, I learned that site.static_files was a thing. What is it and why you should care? Let me take a minute to share…

HTML inside Kramdown table cells

The question of how to write a list inside of a table cell with Kramdown recently came up on Jekyll Talk — prompting me to look for a solution.

Oil pastels are not pencils

Not to overstate the obvious here, but oil pastels do not behave like colored pencils.

CSS blur effect

Playing with the new Depth Effect (aka fauxkeh) on my iPhone 7 Plus got me thinking about Gaussian blurs, and how to improve their use on this site.

Using SSI to detect cookies

In my never ending quest to micro-optimize the hell out of my site, I ran into a snag when trying to use SSI directives to improve the loading of critical CSS and cached stylesheets.

Inktober failure

Like previous years, I started out with the best of intentions for Inktober and then quickly lost steam…

Starting young

It was only natural the two little rosebuds would become early adopters of technology.

365 days of drawing faces

Year one of my 365 day portrait project may be over, but I’m just getting started.