Curated portfolio of things I’ve designed, illustrated, and developed in my spare time.

2 Little Rosebuds

Creative and site development for 2 Little Rosebuds — a blog all about subscription boxes.

PaperFaces project

Portraits (mostly faceless) painted digitally on an iPad with the app Paper by WeTransfer.

Relic Scout

Site design and creative for Relic Scout — an app to make collecting simpler, while saving you money.

Tiny paintings

Miniature watercolor portraits painted at really small sizes.

Eko Wave

Site design and creative for Eko Wave — a team specializing in niche applications.

Jekyll themes

Open source Jekyll themes to get you started building a site or blog on GitHub Pages, Netlify, and other hosts.


Repositories I maintain on GitHub, sorted by popularity.


📐 Jekyll theme for building a personal site, blog, project documentation, or portfolio.

HTML 11.9k stars


A simple Jekyll theme for words and pictures.

SCSS 2.0k stars


Deprecated source for Previously built with Jekyll, Gulp, and Netlify.

CSS 443 stars


📎 Sample Jekyll content (posts, pages, collections, and images) to test your theme against.

HTML 61 stars


Jekyll Gulpified. Optimize assets, fire up Browser Sync, deploy, and more.

JavaScript 22 stars


Jekyll to Gatsby migration test.

JavaScript 9 stars


💪 Static sites with superpowers