Tattoos turning to mud

Updated by Michael Rose 1 min read

Portrait of Wendy inspired by a portrait I originally drew in Paper and revisited several years later. Digitally painted with Procreate on a 3rd generation iPad.

This was my first attempt at using Procreate and decided to give it a try in between working on my PaperFaces Project.

Having used FiftyThree’s Paper app up until this point I was overwhelmed by all of Procreate’s features. The power was certainly there, but the simplicity of picking up an iPad and stylus to start a sketch wasn’t.

Paper’s sketchbook motif resonated with me more than the approach digital painting powerhouses like Procreate were pursuing. Learning a complex and feature rich app was not something I had the time to mess with. So I abandoned Procreate with the goal of returning to it a year or two…

Time lapse video recorded within Procreate.

Tools used: