Oh Eye Dunno

Digital watercolor and pencil drawing of a blue eye and eyelid, showing all its details.

PaperFaces portrait of Kapi M. inspired by a photograph on Sktchy.

Now that I’ve removed the sense of urgency I previously felt when working on portraits, I find myself having more time to fill Paper’s digital canvas. With this drawing I set my sights on an eye… har har get it?

It’s been a while since I drew one and thought it might be fun to challenge myself and see how much detail I could knock out. The contours got away from me in a few places since I still find blending imprecise and over aggressive, but that’s to be expected with a tool like Paper.

I’m happy with the finished results, especially when you reduce the size of the drawing — it looks like a photograph!

Work in process screenshot

Work in process screenshot

Work in process screenshot

Tools used:

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