How to draw straight lines

To draw straight lines on the iPad in apps that don’t have a ruler tool, I use whatever straight edge I have laying around: plastic ruler, book cover, piece of cardboard, notepad, etc.

In the Paper app specifically I have journal page templates of “frames” that I duplicate1 anytime I need them. Saves me the step of having to redraw the same straight lines over and over again.

  1. To copy a page pinch the screen to zoom out and then press and hold on the circle plus button until a duplicate button appears. Then tap that. ↩︎


How to paint smoothly with the brush tool

A smooth gradient can be achieved layering washes of watercolor on top of each other. Speed and pressure play an important role in how clean of a tone you end up with.

Mastering Pencil by FiftyThree

Learn how to create impressive effects with 53’s Pencil stylus and Paper app, using exclusive features like Blend and Surface Pressure.