Paper by FiftyThree Quick Tip: Switching Tools

New to Paper by FiftyThree and just can’t seem to figure out how to switch tools? I have the short answer for you right here.

They may be subtle, but the white dots beneath the row of tools are a big clue to help solve this mystery. Similar to the dots you find at the bottom of your iOS device’s home screen, they indicate there are off-screen goodies to be had.

indicator dots beneath Paper tools
There be more tools to the right, don't worry you get them for free.

Tool Switching (iPad)

Simply swipe across the row of Think Kit tools to reveal another set of five (Fountain Pen, Pencil, Marker, Fine Tip Ink Pen, and Watercolor Brush) to the right.

Video showing how to switch between the diagramming and drawing tools on iPad.

Tool Switching (iPhone)

And for you iPhone Paper users there are three sets of tools you can swipe through.

switching tools in Paper by 53 for the iPhone
Switching tools in iPhone version of Paper.

I know what you’re thinking, “wow how could anyone miss this?” Well from the amount of emails I receive a month asking how to change tools… quite a lot :wink:.

Baffled by how to do something else in Paper? Leave a comment below, or if you’d prefer to keep it private fire off a message to me from my Contact page.