Wendy’s bird cage & flying birds tattoos

The last couple of months have been pretty stressful. Butter, my domestic long haired cat has been sick off and on and causing me to incur some high vet bills and a bunch of junk that hasn’t helped to keep my mind at ease.

Then I started the process of moving in with my girlfriend Wendy and getting ready to put my house on the market. Top that off with all the economy stuff, worrying if I’ll have a job tomorrow, and if my car will make it another day without dying — my health decided to take a dump on itself.

Tattoos to relieve stress

Last weekend we hit up Rise Above Tattoos again and spent the afternoon getting some more work done. Wendy added a bunch of birds in flight, a cage, and a tree branch to mimic the design of her other arm. She’s in the process of healing now so it looks pretty scabby in a few spots. Will probably need some touch ups if the color falls out, but that shouldn’t be a problem since the same thing happened last time.

Some ink splat filler on my forearm

These aren’t Photoshop brushes, shut up

I didn’t get much done… just some lines, ink splats, and squiggles to fill in the mess that is my left arm. In a few weeks I’ll probably go in an make an appointment to get something on my upper chest. I have some ideas but nothing finalized yet.

Freshly inked birds and trees

Birds flying around some tree branches.

Tattoos of the word vegan in green ink and birds flying around some tree branches.

Tattoo of birds breaking free, a key, and a lock.

Tattoos still in the process of healing.

And here is my bird related tattoo…

Michael’s bird in a tree forearm tattoo