The quality of my first Blurb book is great

Designing a book with Blurb was painless and having it printed was equally enjoyable. I’m really happy with how my first photography book turned out.

Options to satisfy

I sprung for the more expensive satin paper to give the pages a nice texture and thickness to them. Next time I’m definitely paying extra for a hardcover with slip so pages are better protected. The only negative I’ve found with the printing is that some of my photographs printed a tad on the dark side. I didn’t bother calibrating my monitor or using any of Blurb’s supplied ICC color profiles, so that was probably the issue.

They offer some guidance on color management, that I’ll look at more closely next time. I’m also planning on designing my next book using Adobe InDesign and Blurb’s Plug-in instead of their BookSmart® application — just so I have total control over each page.

Sample pages

Detail photographs of a printed book.

Photograph of interior page spread of book, A Six Month Walk

Detail photograph of printed page of book, A Six Month Walk