DIY record cube back spacers

For the longest time, it has driven me mad that my records get out of alignment any time I slide one out to play. To solve this problem, Turntable Revival sells wooden back spacers for cube shelves (Ikea Kallax, Target Threshold, Walmart - Better Homes & Gardens) to straighten your records out.

To save a buck I decided to MacGyver a cheap solution with black foam board and double-sided tape.

Sheet of 16\


Step 1: Measure the length of each cube. I have two 6-cube Target Threshold organizers, with each cube measuring 13 ½" wide.

Empty cube shelf.

Measuring space from the record spine to the shelf’s front.

Measure the empty shelf space to determine the back spacer’s size.

Step 2: Grab a record, place it to the far left and align it with the cube’s back edge. Then measure the distance from the record’s spine to the front of the cube. For my shelving, this ended up being 2" deep.

Kaospilot LP album placed on a cube shelf.

Step 3: With a ruler and a pencil add guidelines to the foam board and use a sharp utility blade to cut the spacers.

I took a 16" x 20" foam board, cut the shorter side down to 13 ½" and then cut that down at 2" intervals — ending up with 10 back spacers.

Step 4: Using rubbing alcohol and a paper towel, clean the bottom side of each cube you’re adding a spacer to. Once dry, cut a strip of double-sided tape for each spacer and remove one side of the backing.

Place the tape (sticky side down) onto the spacer and run your finger over it to make a good connection. Then remove the top piece of backing and place the spacer into the shelf making sure its edge is aligned with the back of the cube.

Black foam board with a strip of double-sided tape stuck to the back.

Press down firmly on the foam board, using a circular motion to fully adhere the tape to the shelf.

Black foam board back spacer flush mounted to the shelf’s back.

Step 5: Slide a record into the cube shelf and verify you are happy with the placement. Repeat the process for the remaining cubes.

Records flush aligned in Target Threshold cube shelves.

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