The Eviltron and a scary movie makes for a great prank

Updated by Michael Rose 1 min read

So we went and saw Paranormal Activity last night. If you haven’t heard it’s basically the Blair Witch Project shot in a haunted house. I couldn’t have planned it better because earlier in the day my Eviltron from Think Geek showed up which gave me time to plant it in our bedroom.

The fact that we just saw a movie about strange noises and ghosts, made hiding the Eviltron perfect for some effective scares. At first I acted startled at the scratching noises and played it up as if there was a mouse or rodent in our attic. But when the small child laughed and it whispered “hey, can you hear me?” Wendy freaked out and I had to end the prank. Pretty sure she was ready to runaway and go to her parents’ house for the night.

Trick or treat!!!