Impressions of iPhone 4 from a long time Palm user

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Smartphone progression
My smartphone progression over the years.

Being a longtime Palm user (see picture above), I’ve come to rely on core functionality in my devices — solid messaging/email clients, robust calendar and task managers, internet connectivity, and the ability to install applications. Now that every new phone released has these functions, there certainly are more choices to be had.

With that in mind I’ve decided to leave Palm and webOS in favor of Apple’s iOS and iPhone 4 mobile device. The following are some of my experiences and observations transitioning from Palm after nearly 10 years of use.

iPhone 4 hardware impressions

iPhone 4 software likes

iPhone 4 software dislikes

Overall I’m extremely happy with my purchase. Sure I’m paying the Apple tax on a more expensive monthly bill with data capped at 2GB. But I think it’s worth it to have a phone that is responsive, reliable, and a joy to use.