Grayscale and Pencil and Blend oh my!

PaperFaces portrait of @GrantLandram.

Decided to try and create a true time lapse video showing off 53’s new Pencil stylus another go.

To record the footage I used a cheap GorillaPod knockoff to mount my iPhone 5s around a floor lamp. Once attached I swung it over my desk to get a top down view of the iPad’s screen. To record I used the iOS app Lapse It to capture an image every second and then output as a 1080p MP4 video that could be edited further in Adobe After Effects.

The time lapse effect came out ok, but have to look at lighting the work area better next time. Most of the footage was way too dark and the whites on the iPad’s screen super blown out, which made setting an accurate white balance challenging.

Tools used: