Black and white digital watercolor and pencil portrait of identical twin girls. Twin on the left is sitting on a sofa in the background, blurred. Twin on the right is in the foreground and looking up.

Rosebuds in Blur

PaperFaces portrait of my twin girls Everly and Chloe (hiding in the bokeh).

In keeping with my recent “time-lapse kick,” here’s a video showing the creation of this drawing from start to finish. Instead of using the built-in time-lapse feature of the iPhone’s camera, I gave Lapse It by Interactive Universe a try.

Found that Lapse It offers way more customization than iOS’s Camera app or Hyperlapse allowing for greater control over the final render. Around a minute seems like a good length for these sorts of things since anything longer tends to get boring…

Play YouTube video

Tools used:

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