Glitching out

Digital watercolor and pencil portrait of a man's face with glitch artifacts.

PaperFaces portrait of @thenimesh.

When I edit drawing footage I captured from an iPad, I like to speed up the final movie to around 4-5 minutes max. Keeps the video more interesting and fun to watch.

At this speed it can be hard to observe what is going on and looks more like a magic trick if you ask me. YouTube has bumped my account allowing uploads over 15 minutes so I decided to try a longer edit. I’m not entirely sure what the hard limit is, but I decided against uploading the 1 hour and 23 minute real time capture, and instead went with this 17 minute cut.

Even at 17 minutes it’s fairly boring to watch, but maybe 2 or 3 of you will enjoy it.

YouTube Video

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I know

PaperFaces portrait Han Solo and Princess Leia drawn with Paper for iOS on an iPad.

Smile and blush

PaperFaces portrait of Chad and Haley drawn with Paper for iOS on an iPad.

Red vs Green

PaperFaces portrait of the Ally Cat drawn with Paper for iOS on an iPad.