Blue and pink lights

Portrait of Jonathan H. inspired by a photograph on Sktchy. Digitally painted with Procreate on an iPad Air 2.

The more I’ve been using this Adonit Ink stylus the more I want an Apple Pencil.

I knew going in that support for the Ink was likely going to be poor with my iPad Air 2. That hasn’t stopped me from trying to get the most out of it though. It reminds me of the days of using a Pogo Connect that would register a touch around 60% of the time forcing you to redo your marks.

I planned on spending more time detailing and refining things, but the frustration of working with unresponsive and inaccurate styli got the better of me.

YouTube Video

Maybe I should give the digital stuff a break for now and go old school with paper and pencil. Using such powerful tools like the iPad and Procreate make things almost too easy. If I’m to improve my observation and drawing skills I need to focus on the basics.

Only problem I have is I love the freedom and convenience of digital art. I’ve gotten so used to not working at a desk and getting messy it would be hard to go back. Hmm…

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Eyes be damned

Portrait of Mahalia H. digitally painted with Procreate on an iPad.

Nose ring oil

Portrait of MarĂ­a G. digitally painted with Procreate on an iPad.