Watercolor, not watercolor

Portrait of Emil I. inspired by a photograph on Sktchy. Digitally painted with Procreate on an iPad Air 2.

When Adobe and Adonit released the Ink & Slide stylus and ruler combo I was intrigued. There really weren’t any well designed pressure sensitive styli out there with a fine tip. The high sticker price scared me away initially, after being burned by the Pogo Connect and its myriad of hardware issues — so I decided to wait.

Fast forward to last week when bought an Adobe Ink that was on sale for 90% off. I could live with losing $20 if it turned out to be a dud…

Work in progress with the Adonit Ink stylus

Well after drawing with it for a few hours it definitely has some issues. Most of can be traced back to the iPad Air 2, which doesn’t exactly support the stylus properly.

There’s some serious lag which I can give it a pass on since this thing came out way before the Apple Pencil. That said, if you can get used to the lag it gets the job done.

On the positive side, the tip is made of a hard plastic. Unlike styli that have the fat rubber nibs — it doesn’t appear it will ever wear out. Plus it doesn’t smear grease all over the screen which is a big win in my book.

After getting a taste at what pressure sensitive drawing with Procreate could be like, I just want to own the real thing — an Apple Pencil and iPad Pro.

time-lapse video recorded within Procreate.

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