Mastering Jekyll

Collection of tutorials to help you master Jekyll, a static site generator built in Ruby.

As developer of some of it’s most popular themes, I’ve become well versed in using Jekyll. Below you’ll find answers to common issues, posts explaining features, tips, tricks, Liquid snippets, and more.


Accessing static files in Jekyll

Learn how to use static files with Jekyll to create a gallery of images automatically without a plugin.

Improving Staticman comments on a Jekyll site

How to use Staticman to add threaded comments and reply notifications to a static-based Jekyll site.

Adding static comments to a Jekyll site with Staticman

Uninstall Disqus and learn how to add a static-based commenting system to Jekyll with Staticman.

Recently posted

URLs and links in Jekyll

Published by Michael Rose 24 min read
How Jekyll uses URLs and how to link posts, pages, assets, and other resources together.

Jekyll’s site.url and baseurl

Published by Michael Rose 9 min read
Learn what Jekyll’s site url and baseurl variables are and how to properly set them to avoid broken links and 404 errors.

Styling Jekyll language specific code blocks

Published by Michael Rose 2 min read
Interesting styling possibilities with syntax highlighted code blocks.

HTML inside Kramdown table cells

Published by Michael Rose 2 min read

The question of how to write a list inside of a table cell with Kramdown recently came up in a thread on Jekyll Talk — prompting me to look…

Building a living style guide with Jekyll

Published by Michael Rose 10 min read
How I used Jekyll to build a living style guide and pattern library for Made Mistakes.

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