Starting young

This technology thing has been both a blessing and a curse as my wife and I try to navigate parenthood.

Shortly after our twin girls were born 19 months ago: moments were captured, milestones shared, feedings and diaper changes — coordinated all from app enabled mobile phones. This is how technology saved us.

Oh Trotro, oh Trotro

I didn’t anticipate how quickly the two little rosebuds would become attracted to these glowing screens. When it wasn’t the 4″ variety held tightly between our fingers, it was the 51″ wall hugger in our living room. On demand Netflix programming became the norm, and look out if their favorite French cartoon Trotro buffers for a few seconds…

Anyways, back to the point. For the last couple of months my wife and I have been trying to help the twins hit some of their milestones. They were born a few weeks premature so it has been a challenge motivating them to walk, eat on their own, use utensils, stack blocks, speak, etc.

Coloring is one milestone we never once considered they’d be ready for, but for whatever reason our doctor always brings it up first. So we try it, we work with them. Like most activities involving something the twins have to hold — they chuck it across the room the second they grab it. Now it’s not like we expect little Pablo Picasso’s, but if they just held a crayon for more than a second — we’d consider that a victory.

And so back to that technology thing. The girls love glowing screens, I love glowing screens! Hey, there’s this drawing and sketching app I’m quite found of — why not let them have at it with just their fingers?

I sat in front of them holding the iPad firmly, while giving each a try at finger doodling. Chloe was first up and all about drawing with both hands. Sometimes it worked out well for her and sometimes not due to multi-touch limitations and triggering Rewind constantly.

Chloe’s first Paper drawing

Chloe’s first Paper drawing

Everly couldn’t have been more different in her approach. Instead of swirling around the screen she banged on it with her hands, creating small lines and tick marks. If I can encourage her to ease up on hitting so hard we might have a future stippling master on our hands.

Everly’s first Paper drawing

We’ll see how things progress as I let them play around with Paper by 53 some more. The big benefit being I don’t have to worry about them throwing crayons around since they seem to enjoy smearing their greasy fingers across the screen. I’m hoping Paper will help transition them into crayons once they figure out their fingers and hands have the ability to create something.

Wish me luck…


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  1. Wendy Rose ·

    Aww! Way to do this when I was in the shower, turd.