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If it wasn’t obvious from the artwork on this site, I draw, paint, and create on Apple’s iPad. My current model is a 12.9″ Pro (256GB) with the Space Gray finish. Before I took the plunge and upgraded to the larger screen I had an Air 2 and the first retina iPad — both of which I’ve handed down to my kids.

I use Apple Pencil exclusively and it’s hands down the best stylus I’ve used on any iPad to date. Unlike other “pressure sensitive” styli before it, Apple Pencil works 100% of the time.

It doesn’t disconnect, lag, or stutter while drawing or painting.

As far as protection — I use a cheap smart cover case, glow in the dark silicone Apple Pencil grip. I don’t cover any of my device’s in that plastic screen protector stuff because I don’t like how it looks or feels. In all the years of owning iPads and iPhones I’ve never scratched or broken a screen…

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