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Jekyll themes

Jekyll themes

Open source Jekyll themes by yours truly, to help build a site or blog on GitHub Pages, Netlify, GitLab, and more.

Autumn refresh

Autumn refresh

Using CSS Grid Layout Module to redesign a Jekyll site and further improve performance and accessibility.

How I’m using Jekyll in 2017

How I'm using Jekyll in 2017

Lessons learned from building, optimizing, and deploying a huge static site powered by everyone’s favorite SSG — Jekyll.

Accessing static files in Jekyll

While investigating ways of using static files with Jekyll for a site prototype I was building, I learned that site.static_files was a thing. What is it and why you should care? Let me take a minute to share…

HTML inside Kramdown table cells

The question of how to write a list inside of a table cell with Kramdown recently came up on Jekyll Talk — prompting me to look for a solution.

CSS blur effect

Playing with the new Depth Effect (aka fauxkeh) on my iPhone 7 Plus got me thinking about Gaussian blurs, and how to improve their use on this site.

Using SSI to detect cookies

In my never ending quest to micro-optimize the hell out of my site, I ran into a snag when trying to use SSI directives to improve the loading of critical CSS and cached stylesheets.

Going static part 2: static comments

Going static part 2: static comments

Integrating a static-based commenting system into Jekyll with the help of Staticman and ditching Disqus in the process.

Minimal Mistakes, a Jekyll theme

Minimal Mistakes, a Jekyll theme

A flexible two-column Jekyll theme. Perfect for hosting your personal site, blog, or portfolio on GitHub or your own server.

How I’m using Jekyll in 2016

How I'm using Jekyll in 2016

A brain dump documenting my approach to using Jekyll, how that’s evolved over the years, and web development learnings I’ve picked up along the way.