Jekyll themes

Below are all of the Jekyll starters I’ve developed and open sourced. Each theme contains all of the _layouts, _includes, Sass/CSS, JavaScript, and other sample files needed to build and host a site or blog.

The basic setup for each of my theme’s is roughly the same:

  1. Install gem-based theme, remote theme, or fork the theme repository you’d like to use.
  2. Install Bundler gem install bundler and run bundle install to install all dependencies (Jekyll, plugins, and so on).
  3. Update _config.yml, data files (found in _data), and replace sample posts and pages with your own.

For more specifics, review each theme’s documentation by clicking on the setup guide buttons below.

So Simple theme

So Simple Jekyll theme screenshot
Large images and site logo if that’s your thing

So Simple is a simple Jekyll theme for your words and pictures. Features include:

Setup guide Live preview

Basically Basic theme

Basically Basic Jekyll theme screenshot
Your new Jekyll default theme.

Basically Basic is a Jekyll theme meant as a substitute for the default — Minima. Conventions and features found there are fully supported by Basically Basic, with a few enhancements thrown in for good measure:

Setup guide Live preview

Minimal Mistakes theme

Minimal Mistakes Jekyll theme screenshot
A minimal design to let your content shine.

A flexible two-column Jekyll theme with a minimalist aesthetic.

Setup guide Live preview

HPSTR theme

HPSTR Jekyll theme screenshot
A traditional blog approach with a modern style

A responsive Jekyll blog theme designed to give your site a modern and somewhat cliché feel.

Setup guide Live preview

Skinny Bones theme

Skinny Bones Jekyll theme screenshot
Includes a fun off canvas menu

A Jekyll starter based off of an older incarnation of Made Mistakes.

Setup guide Live preview


These themes are free and open source software, distributed under the MIT License. Feel free to modify them to suit your needs.

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