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As an avid Paper creator, sharing my sketches and “ideas” has felt a bit like I was in an empty room talking to myself. Sure I could ask for feedback in the form of a 140 character Tweet or reblog on Tumblr, but the ability to collaborate was missing. With the release of Mix, that void has been filled.

FiftyThree has shut down the Public Stream / Mix

As of August 15th, 2017 the Public Stream is no longer in service. Any links out to or will cease to work.

Paper + Mix enhances a solo creative process by augmenting it into a social experience. Sketches, doodles, paintings, ideas, and more can now be shared in the Mix making them available for download or remix by anyone with an iPad and Paper.

How do you use Mix?

Mix can be accessed directly in the Paper app or viewed on any device with a web browser (I like to browse ideas on my iPhone while on the go).

Mix stream in Paper by 53

Within Paper, you can enter Mix by swiping down from the top edge of the screen while in the journal view. In Mix you have access to three stacks:

  1. Me: All of the ideas you’ve shared to Mix.
  2. Stream: Ideas from those you follow along with recommended and featured ones from FiftyThree.
  3. Stars: Ideas you’ve starred, more on below.

What is Mix good for?

At its heart Mix is a place for ideas to begin, nurture, and grow. That’s not to say it can’t be used in other ways, but one gets the feeling from the six categories Mix is divided into (see below) that is its primary purpose.

ProTip: encourage feedback and discussion

To get the most value out of Mix I recommend posting “ideas” that encourage participation (share templates, purposely leave sketches unfinished, leave blanks, ask questions, etc.)

Mix isn’t just for those who doodle and sketch. By following one of the curated categories or influential Mixers, it becomes a great tool for inspiration collection (think Pinterest or similar social bookmarking apps). For those who may fear a blank page or enjoy hoarding ideas for a rainy day, Mix has you covered with a never ending supply of ideas to remix.

Star button in Mix
Favorite any idea on Mix by tapping the star button.

Each idea shared to Mix can be “favorited” by tapping the star button below it. Starred ideas, sketches, templates or doodles are grouped in a journal named Stars that works like any other journal you create in Paper (move, duplicate, share, and delete pages).

Stars journal in Paper
Your starred ideas can be found in the Stars journal to the far right.

Types of mixes

As I hinted at before there are six Mix categories (Learn, Sketch, Play, Write, Design, and Think) that are curated by the FiftyThree team. If your creative juices are running on empty, looking for inspiration here is a great place to get inspired.

Within the app you can find them by swiping down from the top edge of the screen while in the Mix. On the web they’re arranged across the top of the screen and can be scrolled through horizontally.

Mix categories

ProTip: follow curated categories

You can follow any or all of these categories to keep your stream fresh with ideas. There’s even a Popular category to see what Paper taste makers are creating and remixing.


Paper is an app that rewards you the more you use it and experiment with the tools. Most of the little tricks, gestures, and various techniques I’ve learned were uncovered through exploration (and sometimes by mistake). As a seasoned user of Paper I find this act of discovery somewhat magical, but to those who are new to the app I can see how it could be frustrating. This is where Mix comes in to play…

Asking for help

Leveraging the collaborative power of Mix is an excellent way to learn from others. When flipping through your stream you may come across a sketch that pulls off an effect you like. One way to learn how it was created is to open the page, write a note asking “how did you do this?”, and post it back to Mix. The original creator will be notified of your remix (if they have notifications turned on) and can respond to your inquiry directly with another Mix.

hair girl sketch on Mix
Ask questions by writing notes directly on a sketch and then sharing it back to Mix.


With the prevalence of GitHub and open source methodologies, being able to “view source” on Mixes and examine them in the medium they were created is very useful. Especially for someone like me who sometimes finds it hard to ask for help and would rather figure it out on his own.

I’ve been known to write up lengthy tutorials explaining how to achieve specific effects and techniques with Paper’s tools. Mix affords me the option to supplement these written tutorials with bit-sized “cheat sheets” I can share with a wider audience. The feedback I get back is much more useful too. All I have to do is look at the remixes on an idea to see how they’re being interpreted and if they’ve been of use to anyone.

Some other great uses for Mix that fit in with the “Learning” theme:


I don’t have any numbers to back this up, but my gut tells me doodles and sketches are the most popular types of ideas being posted to Mix. At first glance the Sketch category could be mistaken as a self promotion dumping ground, but it’s actually something much more useful.

The best finds here are those that are partially completed: rough line drawings, the start of a beautiful landscape, or a half painted figure just waiting for you to give it a face. That’s not to say finished works of art don’t have their place on Mix — they do, but the heart of Mix is leaving a few doors open for others to close.

My approach to sketching on Paper has been to add “behind the scenes footage” whenever possible. Whether it was by recording time lapse videos to show how I draw or by sharing in-process screenshots on social media. With Mix there’s now a clean and seamless way of exposing a drawing’s evolution directly in Paper.

Draw a cat tutorial on Mix

It may not be obvious at first but remixing yourself is a great way to chain together a series of sketches to show a progression.

ProTip: share works in progress

Sharing often as you work on an idea is a great way of saving its history. Of course you can still duplicate pages as a means of backup, but remixing often removes some of the local clutter from your journals. It also encourages others to remix your unfinished ideas as they have more opportunity to build off of than the “finished” mix.


There’s so much quality work circulating on Mix that it’s easy to feel intimidated by it. I don’t mind admitting that I’ve felt inadequate quite a few times flipping through my stream and being blown away by what others are doing with Paper. I suppose that’s why I rarely remix other’s work out of fear of ruining what they’ve done.

If this sounds like you, fear not! There’s a whole chunk of Mix dedicated to keeping things light and airy. Poke around the Play category and you’ll see what I mean. Mixes encouraging others to create, come up with inventive twists on old pen & paper games, and community building challenges.

Draw your favorite movie Mix challenge

Some of the many ways you can have fun on Mix:

Build a snowman on Mix
Mix your own snowman creation


I’ll be the first to admit that words and writing aren’t my strong suit. As a formally trained graphic designer I’ve learned the importance that a typeface can have in communicating the right tone.

There is no rule that says you have to draw pictures with Paper and post those to Mix. Let the Write category be an example of the beauty of words in the hand’s of typographers, letterers, designers, and word-smiths.

Write category on Mix

Maybe you’re thinking this whole “art” thing isn’t really your cup of tea. If that’s the case there’s still a lot Mix can offer you.

Write ideas:


As a designer I’ve found that Paper is a great tool for working out ideas quickly before they’re refined into a higher fidelity comp to be shared with clients and colleagues. Prior to Mix the burden was on me to create various “frames” and templates I might need for wireframes and prototypes.

iPhone template on Mix

Mix gives designers looking for a place to iterate and refine ideas an assortment of starter templates that can be used for all sorts of things.

Most of the design work I do isn’t something that can be openly discussed or shown. Because of that I avoid sharing any confidential or sensitive sketches and work to Mix. But that’s not to say I won’t favorite and share back templates that I find useful to help others jump start a project.


The Think category on Mix features ideas that encourage thought and conversation. I’m mostly a “one man show” and don’t have a lot of experience using Paper in group settings, but here’s a few ways I think Mix can help facilitate conversation.

Think category on Mix

White boarding and team brainstorm sessions can be made more interactive and fun by adding Mix to the… umm… mix. A nice feature in Paper that has gotten little attention is Presentation Mode. With an AppleTV and Presentation Mode enabled, the toolbar becomes hidden turning the projected screen into a digital white board.

Enable Presentation Mode under Settings
Presentation Mode can be enabled under Settings > Paper > Presentation Mode

By designating a facilitator to “drive” the projected iPad, the other participates are available to freely remix and collaborate on their own device(s). As discussions occur the facilitator can bounce between the team’s mixes and add notes in real time. Because Mix runs in “the cloud” remote team members have the ability to contribute and follow along as well.

Additional resources

I hope this article has inspired you to check out Mix and become a part of the great community of Paper creators. Feel free to follow me on Mix, remix my ideas, or ask questions below in the comments. If you’re looking for additional Mix information the FiftyThree support forum is a great place to start.

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Followed you using the web profile. Look forward to better learning your clever methods!

I’m not sure what the Search bar atop Mix is meant to be for. I can’t seem to be able to search for any person’s name. Ideally one should even be able to search also for things or tags.

Perhaps being a new inductee into the cult, 53 won’t allow me to look people up, until I’ve proven my worth.

I am not going anywhere once I get on the Mix site. I can’t get anything but public stream and the sites suggested to follow by forums and none of the tutorials or things you mention above. On my iPad all the folders are different and all are private. I don’t know how to make them public. Could you do a tutorial that goes into the actual step by step procedures? The two links above that say “Using…” go to “Oops!” pages I tried the 53 support forum but got into another dead end. Thanks.

I haven’t used Mix in years and it looks like things might have changed some since I first wrote this up.

There are no forums on the Mix/Paper site. It’s just a place to share ideas and collaborate by remixing them. To find “tutorials” you’ll have to follow people who share them.

Since I’m not really involved with the community much these days not really sure where to start but following 53 on Twitter and Facebook would be good options. They often feature creators, and I know I’ve seen various tutorials and such in their feeds. They also do artist takeovers on their Instagram page if that’s more of your thing.

The forums I mentioned are the FiftyThree support ones… which looks like they changed too… that’s why some of the links were broken.

I’ve updated the ones at the end to remedy that. Hope this helps.

PeaceCrane13 on

Hello, I’ve used P53 for a long time now, however I stopped for a bit, and now it seems that the Mix is gone! I talked with some of my friends from the Mix, but no one knows what happened, they too had stopped using it. Do you have an idea as to what has happened? I am thoroughly baffled.

End of June FiftyThree sent out an email saying they were shutting down the Public Stream/Mix on August 15th due to low usage.

Shutting down the Public Stream / Mix

The Public Stream feature of Paper will shut down on August 15th. Three years ago, we launched the Public Stream (previously known as Mix) as a place for users to share and remix Paper creations. It was born out of idealism and curiosity, a wish to open up creativity and share Paper creations around the globe. While sharing sparked tremendous creativity, a relatively small number of Paper creators continue to use the Public Stream today. Many creators find a larger, more engaged audience by sharing publicly on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and elsewhere. Since the social web has proven to be better place to share your work with the world, we have decided to shut down the Public Stream and focus on the core Paper experience.

Be sure to save ideas posted only to the Public Stream before August 15th if you want to keep them. Ideas in Paper grids other than the Public Stream will remain on your device.

Starting today, we encourage you to share your Paper creations on your preferred social network using the #MadeWithPaper hashtag. We will be launching a website soon that showcases Paper creations from popular social networks.

Shutting down the Public Stream will allow us to iterate faster on Paper and introduce many exciting new features. A major update is planned for Paper later this year that includes the return of Paper journals and other features. Stay tuned for details in the coming months.

We want to thank everyone who shared their creativity on Mix. In many ways, seeing your ideas has made us even stronger believers in our cause, to make creativity more accessible.

We hope to see you online.

Georg Petschnigg Co-Founder and CEO, FiftyThree

Mix shutdown email screenshot

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