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Twenty Nineteen

Published by Michael Rose 13 min read
First time doing a year in review post. The statistics contained are just for fun as there's nothing to compare them against yet.

Optimizing and automating my Jekyll site build

Published by Michael Rose 24 min read
Lessons learned from building, optimizing, and deploying a huge static site powered by everyone's favorite SSG — Jekyll.

Jekyll themes

Published by Michael Rose 4 min read
Open source Jekyll themes to get you started building a site or blog on GitHub Pages, Netlify, and other hosts.

Basically Basic

Published by Michael Rose 1 min read
Your new Jekyll default theme.

Improving Staticman comments on a Jekyll site

Published by Michael Rose 15 min read
How to use Staticman to add threaded comments and reply notifications to a static-based Jekyll site.

Adding static comments to a Jekyll site with Staticman

Published by Michael Rose 20 min read
Uninstall Disqus and learn how to add a static-based commenting system to Jekyll with Staticman.

Minimal Mistakes

Published by Michael Rose 4 min read
A flexible two-column Jekyll theme for building a personal site, blog, project documentation, or portfolio.

How I'm using Jekyll in 2016

Published by Michael Rose 32 min read
A brain dump documenting my approach to using Jekyll, how that's evolved over the years, and web development learnings I've picked up along the way.

Building a living style guide with Jekyll

Published by Michael Rose 10 min read
How I used Jekyll to build a living style guide and pattern library for Made Mistakes.

Skinny Bones

Published by Michael Rose 2 min read
A lightweight website starter for Jekyll.

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