How do you make time lapse videos of your iPad drawings?

Updated by Michael Rose

Most of my Paper for iOS time lapse videos were made using Reflector to record the iPad’s screen. With some edits done in Adobe AfterEffects to speed things up, include music, and add overlays.

iOS screen recording

Apple has built this feature directly into iOS allowing you to capture the screen directly on device without needing any other software or hardware.

My earlier time lapse videos were sets of screenshots1 that I converted into Quicktime movies using iPhoto’s slide-show feature. They’re not as dramatic looking because you don’t see the actual strokes happening, but still neat in a low tech kind of way.

I’ve also experimented with recording the actual drawing process with my iPhone and speeding that up. With the help of a reflector arm stand and some clamps, I mount an iPhone above my work area and record a session using Lapse It.

Removing glare from the iPad’s screen was a real challenge for me and I had mixed results with the final videos. For those who have controlled studio lighting and patience, the results can be quite impressive.

  1. Press and hold the iPad’s power and home buttons at the same time. You will see a flash and hear the camera’s shutter close if done correctly.