If it wasn’t painfully obvious, I draw, paint, and create on Apple’s iPad. My current iPad is an Air 2 (64GB) with the Space Gray finish. Before I took the plunge and upgraded I had a 3rd generation iPad with Retina screen. With as many Paper sketches and journals I create, I eventually ran out of space and needed something larger.

The first thing I noticed after I upgraded devices was that my wrists weren’t as sore. Because of the weight of the 3rd gen’s battery and the way I support it as I draw, anything over an hour puts the hurt on. I wouldn’t go as far as saying the Air 2 feels great held in one hand, but it certainly doesn’t put as much strain on my wrists.

When the screen is off you can tell there is a new coating type of screen coating because it has an almost blue cast to it. But I can’t really say if it reduces glare better or not since I only ever use my iPad indoors.

I’m currently saving my pennies and dreaming of the day when I’ll have an Apple Pencil and iPad Pro in my hands…

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