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Artwork and other errata celebrating the process of growing facial hair… from mustaches to yeards.

Black and white

Artwork lacking any significant color… monochrome, grayscale, two-tone, and other desaturated goodness.


Artwork that is partially blurred or out of focus for aesthetic reasons.


Select design works from my portfolio along with thoughts on typography, layout, and other visual design topics.


Tutorials and thoughts on drawing digitally and with traditional media such as pencil, paint, pen, charcoal, etc.


Rants and reviews about the games, films, and music I’ve experienced.


Reflections, journals, happenings, and other bits related to my life.

Open source

Themes, software, and source code I’ve made available for others to use and learn from.


Artwork painted traditionally and digitally on iPad.

Paper app

Paper by WeTransfer is a sketching, drawing, painting, diagraming, wireframing, and collaging app for iPad and iPhone. The following tutorials and tricks are from my Mastering Paper series.

Pencil by 53

Pencil is a smart stylus designed by FiftyThree for their iPad sketching app, Paper. Pre-dating Apple’s own stylus, Pencil’s unique tip and exclusive blend feature made it a favorite with Paper diehards.

Pogo Connect

iPad pressure sensitive stylus with interchangeable tips designed to work with older models of iPad prior to Apple releasing their own stylus.


Artistic representations of people (mostly strangers) that have been created in digital and traditional media.


Digital artwork painted with the iPad OS app Procreate, by Savage Interactive.


Musings, thoughts, and rants about various “things”… some more in-depth than others.

Sktchy app

Drawings and paintings inspired by photographs shared by users of the social app Sktchy.

Star Wars

Artwork inspired by and directly referencing characters and events from the Star Wars universe.

Static sites

Musings and tutorials about building websites using static site generators (SSG) and what is commonly referred to as the jamstack.

Tech geek

Where technology and geek intersect.


Short hand for Today I Learned (TIL). An archive of learnings captured for educational purposes and posterity.


Artwork and photography captured over an extended period of time to show significant changes and process.


Guides, short how-tos, and extensive tutorials explaining a variety of topics.


Artwork inspired by my twin daughters, Everly and Chloe.

Vinyl records

The fine art of collecting analog audio pressed on vinyl.

Web development

Select works from my portfolio along with thoughts on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other front-end development topics.