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After having so much fun creating and releasing my first open source Jekyll theme, I figured I’d go at it again. So here be the fruit of that effort — I call it So Simple, a Jekyll theme for words and pictures.

  • A variety of layouts with clean and readable typography.
  • Microformats markup to make post content machine-readable and discoverable.
  • Disqus Comments and Google Analytics support.
  • SEO best practices via Jekyll SEO Tag.
  • Options to customize the theme and make it your own.

Live preview

So Simple post layout with hero image
So Simple posts list layout
So Simple tags list layout


To learn more about how to install, configure, customize the look and feel, and some other junk, read up here.


Having a problem getting something to work or want to know why I setup something in a certain way? File a GitHub issue.


This theme is free and open source software, distributed under the MIT License.