An archive of posts related to Jekyll, a Ruby Gem that transforms plain text into static websites and blogs.

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URLs and links in Jekyll

Published by Michael Rose 24 min read
How Jekyll uses URLs and how to link posts, pages, assets, and other resources together.

Jekyll’s site.url and baseurl

Published by Michael Rose 9 min read
Learn what Jekyll’s site url and baseurl variables are and how to properly set them to avoid broken links and 404 errors.

Twenty Nineteen

Published by Michael Rose 13 min read
First time doing a year in review post. The statistics contained are just for fun as there's nothing to compare them against yet.

Autumn refresh

Published by Michael Rose 5 min read
Using CSS Grid Layout Module to redesign a Jekyll site and further improve performance and accessibility.

Optimizing and automating my Jekyll site build

Published by Michael Rose 24 min read
Lessons learned from building, optimizing, and deploying a huge static site powered by everyone's favorite SSG — Jekyll.

Styling Jekyll language specific code blocks

Published by Michael Rose 2 min read
Interesting styling possibilities with syntax highlighted code blocks.

Jekyll themes

Published by Michael Rose 4 min read
Open source Jekyll themes to get you started building a site or blog on GitHub Pages, Netlify, and other hosts.

Basically Basic

Published by Michael Rose 1 min read
Your new Jekyll default theme.

Accessing static files in Jekyll

Published by Michael Rose 4 min read
Learn how to use static files with Jekyll to create a gallery of images automatically without a plugin.

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